The beetlemodel museum

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The History of the Beetle as a modelcar

Based on my collection of VW beetle-models (started in 1984), I founded "DAS KÄFERMODELL-MUSEUM" in 1995.
In the whole world it is the first and probably only private museum for beetle-models..

Actually I own around 7.000 different models from all epochs of the beetle's history, starting with miniatures of the prototypes and the original KdF-Wagen from 1938 up to the New Beetle. I stopped collecting the New Beetle in the middle of the year 2000.
These models are " Made in ..." 42 different countries and produced in 49 various materials. The smallest model measures only 9 mm in length, the biggest 1500 mm, it is a children's car with electric motor.

In the museum you won´t find only scale models for collectors but also curious items like tooth brushes, ashtrays, letter-openers, butter-dishes and more. All models have one thing in common, all are "entire" models (not "half ones" like book supports), they are 3-dimensional or made in a way children could play with.

In 1997 I owned the worldwide biggest collection of VW Beetle-models according to the "Guinness Book of Records", at least in a moral sense! In page 45 of the books German issue a Swiss collector held the record with 3559 models.
And I, as his German competitor, had "only" 3660 models. Due to this problem and some other nonsense in these books I did not request the inscription of any records since 1999, and I won’t do this any more.

In December 2001 the book "VW Beetle Toys", written by Matt Meyer, was released in USA. This Book shows many models from my collection.
In 2012 my family an I moved to live at Fehmarn. All the beetle-models have been packed in boxes for storage. The museums restart in the basement of our new house was in 2013.

Purchase, sale and exchange

Still I am collecting. I always would be pleased about offers on models missing in my collection.
I don’t believe I already have "all models".

So if you want to buy or wish to sell or swap models, please write to me! Thank you! eMail.gif